Join us for our Monday night huddle meetings this fall at 8:00pm in the Shira Building!   

                                                                      All students are welcome!



 The MSU FCA Mission-to change the limits of coaches and athletes in sport and life through the power and purpose of God.

We all have limits.  Failure limits us. Ability limits us.  Fear limits us.  But when Christ is allowed into the heart, all the limits are off and greatness is possible.  That's what we mean by changing the limits of our coaches and athletes.  It's our mission at MSU.

If you have not already met our MSU FCA staff, please take a moment and do that now.  Just click the video above and listen to why we do what we do.What a great staff and what a great opportunity we have. Will you partner with us in this life-changing ministry?  You can give on this page by clicking the donate button (top right).  Thank you for your prayers and support.


Bill Buckley


Dawg Walk

2016 Game Day Rally Oct. 29, 2016

MSU Game Day Rally Oct 29, 2016  

MSU will take on Samford University

 for Homecoming. 




Exciting Rally for all sutdents!

Passionate speakers and worship 

which will bring us together in Christ.

August 12th MSU Mize Center


"Let the high praises of God be
 in their mouth and a two edged sword in their hand."
Ps. 149:5