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MSU Staff

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Jimmy Gilford

Campus Director

Jimmy Gilford is currently serving as the Baseball and Football Chaplain at Mississippi State, along with serving all other sports on campus. Jimmy leads Monday night multi-sport huddles on campus and facilitates men's Bible studies. His experience as a baseball player at Belhaven University and a strength and conditioning coach at Mississippi State allows him to reach student-athletes at all levels. 


Tyson Cunningham

 Men's basketball and Area Rep

Tyson Cunningham currently serves as the MSU Basketball Chaplain and Area Rep for 3 counties in District 4. His experience as a D1 athlete at Mississippi State allows him to reach athletes across the state of Mississippi. He is a gifted singer and musician whose talents are known across the state.

Alliesha Thomas

Associate Campus Rep.

Alliesha played Basketball at the University of Mississippi. Through injury in college, she met people in FCA that walked with her through those times. She has felt a calling back to ministry to serve women in sports in the same way she had people minister to her during college. She will serve on Mississippi State's campus with our women's sports as well as, serving our Multi-sport huddles.


Mary Kathryn Gilford

D4 Administrative Assistant

Mary Kathryn played soccer at Mississippi State before joining the FCA staff in 2016. She works with female sports on campus, assists the multi-sport huddle on campus, and performs the administrative duties for district 4.

Yvonna Macon

Yvonna will be serving as an FCA intern. She feels a calling to ministry and is using an internship with FCA to confirm her passion for ministry. She will be serving the women's sports on campus, the multi-sport huddle, and bringing her creativity to our social media.