Friends and Family of MSU FCA:                                                                                                     August 2013


I hope this letter finds you strong and encouraged. Your Mississippi State University Fellowship of Christian Athletes Staff has been working hard. We serve the 1,000 members of the MSU athletic family every day in some way. We recruit our athletes to share Christ with thousands of HS students every school year. MSU FCA works closely with all sports teams:

o    Developing leadership curriculum.

o    Motivating and inspiring athletes through team meetings and chapels.

o    Connecting with coaches and their families.

o   Preaching and living the Good News of Christ.

o   Leading all freshmen in FCA’s Freshmen Transitions Curriculum.

o   Mentoring graduating seniors in our “Life After Sports” Program.


We need your help right now to continue to grow and impact coaches and athletes for Christ. We are hiring 3 new staff for the coming year: Tyson Lee (Former MSU QB), Jimmy Gilford (MSU Strength coach), and Tyson Cunningham (just graduated MSU Basketball player), If you are not already giving would you pray about helping us get these great young people on board? What a difference they will make on campus! If we had 50 people giving $50/month and 50 giving $100/month we would be close to covering their budgets. Would you help us if you aren’t already?


Please call me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you and God bless.


Bill Buckley

Campus Director (601-573-8664)